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IDEA: Virtual Flashlight

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Hey kip, that's great  :up: :up:

one thing that might be really cool for these programs is, scroll wheel to zoom size of circle.

OK folks, here's a little update.  This version has three different shapes available and the settings are retained in an ini file - custom shapes could be implemented, but could also lead to problems with the transparency and view through, so left it for now. 
Tried messing about with the scroll wheel idea, but that proved messy for a quick fix - the problem is that you are running an application, which is easy to capture mouse events in, but the mouse itself is in whichever is the next topmost window, so it needs a global mouse hook - will play about with that later.
Any further thoughts / ideas would be appreciated as this is a neat challenge.

Update v2

the mousewheel scrolling might have been an ideal case.. having 2 global hotkeys to enlarge or reduce the size of the circle would be almost as good.. just an idea though not saying it's a critical feature.

Ok mouser, here we are, added the ability to vary the size by using the < and > keys.  As I've used these two keys to modify the size, they are the only two you can't type through onto the underlying application.  Size is not saved, unlike the other settings.  Plus I've put it into a setup for easier removal later.

I'm quite pleased with this now, so I've put it up on my site for general download.  if anyone is interested in having a look at the other stuff try

OK final edit, I decided I liked the ability to type through and that some folks might want to use punctuation, so I've altered the size change keys to the UP and Down arrows.  Same download link.

wonderful... and may i say you have some cool programs there on your site  :up:

can i make a small suggestion:
make the size modification hotkeys use some alt combination, it will eliminate the likelyhood of interfering with keys.
alt+arrow up and alt+arrow down are likely to be very safe to use, wheras some apps may need the regular arrow keys.


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