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IDEA: Virtual Flashlight

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I would like to have a software which would create a virtual spotlight or flashlight, wherever mouse pointer moves

Similar tools which work only with MAC:
omniDazzle (
Mousepose (

Would like to have more features like 'hiding the mouse pointer' etc..


other features like... adjusting the size of glow, adjusting transparency level of rest of the desktop, applying that to a particular region/window (like in screenshot captor)...

This is such a fun idea that i decided to do it.

I really can't see the point, though.. What would anyone want this for?

I made a really simple version (i can't mimic the mac version with that good shadow), just for you to play.
Unfortunatelly, it uses way too much processor power, which makes it a bit impossible to use on daily basis!

Oh! That was AWESOME!!!  :Thmbsup: Thanks a lot!!!

The point is... "It is very very useful for presentations over a projector"

Ofcourse, I would love to have the MAC kind with some cool options...

Oh, ok, that makes sense to me.

You think that even with its current use of processor it's worth it? That i can't fix, unfortunatelly.

"adjusting the size of glow, adjusting transparency level of rest of the desktop" is very possible, if you'd like, i can add it.
The other stuff like hiding the mouse cursor or selecting an area is way harder (being that the latter i think is impossible).


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