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ati/nvidia and portrait monitor setup:nvidia does not let you assign shortcuts


This is a simple problem, but it's driving me crazy.
I like to set up my monitor in a vertical way on ocassions (portrait).
I used to have an ati card, and there was a way to assign a shortcut for that.

Now I have an nvidia and it does not let you assign shortcuts (!). Going to the control panel involves 5/6 clicks total. Somebody should get fired in the design team (or am I being too picky?).

I have no idea how to solve this. Normally, you could use ahk to fix lack of kb shortcuts, but not in this case.

Any lateral thinking? Anything to manipulate tools that are as obscure and obnoxious as to not letting you manipulate them with ahk?


I'm guessing there has to be a way to do this programmatically (maybe registry change).. And i don't mean programmatically launch the control panel and simulate pushing all the buttons, i mean there must be a simple way to throw the driver into portrait mode.

Hm, dunno if it's possible to assign to hotkeys, but you can enable the nvidia tray icon which should take less clicks.

Screen rotation is the single thing where I like ATI better than nvidia - with nv, operations on a rotated monitor seems to be, if not completely unaccelerated, at least take a massive speed hit... wasn't like that on my radeon9600.


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