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Help Authoring Gem

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I recently needed to write a simple help file for an application I had developed and spent some time looking for an affordable help authoring solution. After trying a few demos of commercial software I stumbled across this superb piece of freeware called HelpMaker from Vizacc.

As well as the text editing application it comes with a range of other tools such as a button maker, pdf creator and so on.

It is so good, I cannot believe it is free and thought I must share this with you all. Appologies if this is old news and everyone already knows about it.

Thank You. I was about to look for something like this and your recommendation saves me the time to research.

Edit: Should I also download 'HelpMaker CHM Register Build 1.0' apart from 'HelpMaker Build 7.3.23 (32-bit compatible)'?

I just played with it briefly and it looks like an incredible tool.
It's not going to replace Help+Manual for me, but that's an expensive tool and this is completely free, which is hard to believe.

My only problem was it was erroring for me when trying to produce PDF files.  If they can get the PDF file generation to work and work well, this is going to be the must have free/low-cost help maker.  Outstanding  :up:

Help Authoring Gem

there was a note in the blog at the site about errors, they have called in 'outside experts' who have worked for adobe in the past so they probably will get this up to scratch soon.

I didn't download the separate 'HelpMaker CHM Register Build 1.0' and haven't experienced any problems or features that don't work. This could be because I have stuff installed that came with some of the other help tools I tried when looking around.

Also, the PDF generator works for me, I suppose it's one of those things that works on one PC/Software Combination but maybe not all others.


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