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Looking for a rich text editor


I am looking for a rich text editor that has the following features:

* Both plain text as well as formatting like bold, underlining and images should be supported
* Multiple instances of the application should be runnable. (Ex.:,
* Each instance should have multiple tabs support. When I save, close and reopen a file, say, tabs along w/ their contents should be restored.
Prefer freeware. Does anyone know anything close to this?

Well, I don't think this has tabs, but the closest I've seen to what you want is Ultra Pad:

you might also like to look at roughdraft which does some of that maybe all, i don't understand what you want in the last point completely

a free version of Atlantis Nova would do the trick.. you have to google for it though as the developers no longer keep the free version on their website..

Thanks all for your suggestions. Atlantis is what I am looking for.


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