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Missing information in the screenshot

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I play a DirectX 9 game called Delta Force:Xtreme. On occasion, when taking a screenshot, the heads-up display and most of the objects within the map are missing from the saved image. I was wondering if anyone has seen this happen before?

I've attached two images; one showing a normal screenshot, and one showing the problem. Both were taken within a few seconds of each other while I was trying to reproduce the problem.

I was using version 2.25.03 (I think) and have just upgraded to the latest version. I'll try to duplicate the problem again and post the results.



It still happens with the newer version. Hopefully this is something that can be resolved in a future release.

when it comes to games, it's better to rely on the games' internal screen-capturing ability. and also try Fraps.. :)

• FRAPS show fps, record video game movies, screen capture software.

The built-in screenshot feature in DF:X can be extremely slow, even causing the game to freeze for a few seconds. In any other application that might be Ok, but in a first person shooter that means you're dead. Screenshot Captor worked great for the first couple of weeks before this started to happen at random times. I can certainly deal with the problem as I've already grown accustomed to taking multiple screenshots each time, but it would be nice to figure out why it happens.

I've also used both Fraps and GameCam. Fraps causes significant screen lag making the game almost unplayable, while GameCam interferes with the extended button mappings on my mouse while in game.

earlier when it was working, how did you make the capture, via auto-capture timer or hot-keys?


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