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New books wanted!

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I would like english jokes books.
And if it's possible to run popup wisdom in multiinstance

Best Regards

It's multiinstance if you execute twice in portable mode

Can i configure in a multi monitor environment ?

Best Regards

Note : in custom mode I try dragging the window to other monitor, but always return to te main one.

I don't get any txt file with english jokes for PopUp Wisdom.

So I am going to make one.

The difficult thing is with the jokes in several lines that one - as all the rest - in a single line in the txt file.
I will try.

P.D. Can I simulate in a single line a carriage return ?

There are a lot of txt files in

Edited : I think the best i can do is the recopilation of jokes from the living room in DC
For photos or images
For Videos ?

If I detect other links I can add.

I see almost no text jokes in the forum. I will try with others too.

P.D. I have tried to format the carriage return or simulate a change of line without success. This is important to make more readable the jokes. -------> YES I Can with \n to figure a breakline in a popup wisdom phrase.

I can't configure the popup wisdom window to appear in custom way in the rest of the monitors. ------ > YES I CAN !!!!!! with the option Force Monitor # in the PopUp Wisdom Options  :-* , and Custom in the configuration.

Working in this link
I will make this time a good jokes book...

If you like other link tell me and I will do too.

Best Regards

P.D. I think is a good idea communicate the use of the thread to configure a puw book
I'll do. Possible with the ending - See more in
There is a way in the txt file to hide the link with an alternative text ?  A short one of course.
Like : Two Plus Two Poker Forums
mmmm don't like a poker or game forum !!!!  :-[

RSI excercises in english ? I will do. And also in spanish !
Running to try !

First doubt : Can I try to make drawings in a txt file format ? . I will try this using some sort of symbols or perhaps a special software for this.
Translate any drawing in letters forming the contour.

Is it possible ?

Yes it is possible :


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