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Opera - new alpha version brings untold pleasures...or something like that.

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Hmm... I think you didn't understand my problem. At least, the fix you mentioned doesn't work.
I also tried adding enter=open link in the browser section, but that only made "enter" open the link under the cursor and not the link selected :(
-jgpaiva (September 04, 2007, 09:03 AM)
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It could be that I'm just bad at explaining, but it does work.

I do think I understood what you meant, but just to be sure...:
- Press "," to start a inline search for links...
- ...start typing what you're looking for, and when a match is found you hit enter to open said link

If that's what you mean, then it does work here at least. However, you could try adding the following under "bookmark widget" instead of just "Open link":

--- ---Activate element | Open link

That's the exact same thing that previous releases uses. Let me know if it helps :)

Super sweet !

I have to admit i'm not going to touch it til it goes beta at least.I dig Opera,it seems as a company they listen
to their users.Ironicly,for a browser i wouldn't pay for back in the day i would pay for now.I wonder how they
generate money ?
-tinyvillager (September 04, 2007, 06:30 AM)
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I don't think they get much money from the desktop browser. I think I read somewhere that most of their income comes from Opera on other platforms, like mobile phones, PDA's, TV sets, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii etc.
The only income they get from the desktop browser is from the deals they have to use google/yahoo as their default search engine (or so I've heard).

That's all fine and nice. How come I can't change the search engine (inside the search box) from yahoo to anything else?
-sri (September 04, 2007, 06:32 AM)
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You can. Just open your preferences, go to the search tab and double-click on the search engine you want to use. There, press the advanced button and place a checkmark the the relevant box :)
-Dirhael (September 04, 2007, 06:40 AM)
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Thanks. I made a quick screencast of the same.

Ok, now it works. I changed in the "browser widget" section under advanced, the action of "enter" from "activate element | open link" to "open link" :)

Thanks dirhael!

The problem probably was that i installed this version over the previous version and my custom keyboard shortcuts were not updated or something.

Unless roboform is supported, I have no intent to swap to this anytime soon. Sorry, but opera needs to realize that users want to be able to expand their browser if they so desire to.


The very moment I saw this thread I was expecting Josh to bash Opera for lack of support for RoboForm. You are so predictable... haha, just joking, take it easy :Thmbsup:. If they add extensions support, it won't happen before Opera 10, too many things should change and this is a medium upgrade, not a major new version. To support extensions, MAJOR tests are needed before release, and more considering how picky are at Opera Software about not opening the software to avoid bugs like some affecting Firefox (and IE :P)

As for the news... OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD... the changes are impressive. Better integration with sites, more speed and that new desktop search-like feature is something worth hearing. I'm particularly amused by the last one. Did anyone try it with Opera at its maximum settings for history entries (10000)? Does it perform better than Opera 9.2? (it's one of the annoyances that plagues Opera). And I wonder if that mysterious 'status bar' feature was revealed...

Hmmm, and Spybot 1.5 was released today, with Opera support. And probably some new iPods later today. And 'Barcelona' next week... this what they call 'returning from holidays' I suppose, at full blast, indeed.


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