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can you tell me please an e-mail client that supports web mail, such as yahoo, gmail and hotmail?

I have tested pocomail, dreammail, foxmail, eprompter but none has either good features or its stable and reliable

do you have something else in mind?

the best were eprompter and poppeeper (they only that got the number of emails in my inbox correct) but they lack a feature to search in the body of emails


Well... Outlook 2003 handles all three brilliantly. I'm sure some of the other options will as well - Thunderbird (free), the Bat, Eudora (also free - just went OS), Pegasus, you could also look at Do-Organizer (won't do Hotmail though, AFAIK).

none of these works with yahoo web mail

what interface is this? IMAP? (for sure not POP3...)

I use TheBat! successfully with Yahoo! UK Web mail.  I can't remember now, but you might have to go into your Yahoo! account and set it up to use POP3.  Works with Gmail too, again after setup (AFAIR).  I don't have a Hotmail account.

there is no free POP3 access to yahoo web mail


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