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GemX - missing in action

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Look, you guys, you got your point of views and I got mine...
If do-O simply doesn't suit you, then move on...

I simply thought things over and for me, well, that's where it's at. Generally, I don't see much point about negative reviews about developers 'cause I've seen loads of them and shortly after, the problems were resolved - but the negative review remains even after corrections. So the question might be asked: what good is it? It's just hinders - that's all. What good does it accomplish? I can't find any sensible answers to it... I see that kind of stuff everywhere on the net. I've seen companies put out great efforts with updates and problem corrections but the "negative" reviews hang in there just-the-same... I have rarely seen someone turn-around and go through all the threads where reviews were posted and change that "message" to a positive one after discovering adequate solutions presented by developers for their software. Normally, when people post negative reviews, they abandon a project - so they never go back... it has a sort of "permanent effect".

I'm not acting as their spokesman here, certainly not, but rather, just expressing my personal point of view - no one has to agree with it, ofcourse. But that's how I see things...

You were "pissed off" - who wasn't? - but the point is, it's over for me. I no longer want to look at things through that angle. I have to forget it so I can move forward... otherwise, I feel like I'm just hindering myself...

I am starting to think that tiptop is happy because he got his name mentioned on their forum page with a thank you. I, as a paying customer, who was treated with such disrespect just like him, am not about to let this go that easily. If they took the time and posted the name of every customer who they wronged in this incident, maybe, but they did not. They posted a thanks to people who contributed on their forums and made no mention of an apology to their paying customers for their disappearance or for their support. This is why I have just spent the money I did on a device dedicated to the purpose and task which I originally purchased Do-O for.

I am sorry, but you know, if you are getting upset at us for remaining upset with GemX, perhaps you should step back and understand that the paying customers are well within their right to remain pissed off. I am not going to dwell on it, for one, but I am not going to be going back to them. They have lost me as a customer. I will not be recommending their product AT ALL to anyone simply due to the [lack of] support that they have shown me since BEFORE I PURCHASED the product.

All of the recent GemX events have certainly polarized the users.  On this forum, we've seen everything from genuine anger and rage to shock and disbelief to forgiveness.  One day the forum was there and the next day it was not.  In some respects, it was like the parent who changed his/her mind and moved out of the house.  The forum members became orphans.

Had the software not had a broad vision or so many different modules and capabilities, I wonder if the reactions would have been so strong.  Had the early user support not been so remarkable, how many users would have invested so heavily in the development process? 

DO-Organizer looked like some sort of grail, where everything would fit into it somewhere.  In looking at walking away from it, several pieces of software would probably be needed to replace its functions. 

I haven't seen such strong feelings about software in quite awhile.  Each of us must consider and form our own opinion about how to manage, talk/write and plan.  Some of us will walk away and never look back...that is some piece of software, though, isn't it?

1 haven't seen such strong feelings about software in quite awhile.
--- End quote ---
The Ecco die hard fans are also very... emotional... about their precious software. Just take a look at the in recent days. Everytime SQLNotes is mentioned there, some seem ready to take up arms and go to war!

I agree. And there are many MANY other software which stir strong feelings, everywhere on the web. Certainly not just a DO-O distinctive trait.


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