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GemX - missing in action

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Heh, heh - I'd forgotten about making that post. I'm kicking myself for giving them a "2" (instead of a "1")...

- Vizacc don't use them +++++++++++++ libraries .-vizacc (October 15, 2007, 02:29 PM)
--- End quote ---

It's a good thing THAT was changed...
I'm starting to think that Helpmaker is more a Troublemaker...
I wonder if I should have anything to do with people like that - no class at all...

Even TreeDB makes better multi-tabbed eBOOKS...


one issue I do raise up is the "library issue". it's the same story year-in, year-out for many years.

let me give you a more general example.
suppose you buy a programming library. it costs US$2,000 to license. it comes with all the features you needed and the vendor's web-pages tell of many success stories. you buy it, and then start to integrate it into your program. All seems to goes well until you start getting complaints... the library vendor supports you a little and then, later ignores you... you get stuck with a nightmare situation: you tell your boss you spent US$2,000 and need to buy another library to fix the probem, or try to fix the library a bit here and a bit there, and try to please your customer.

Who gets the blame? I don't know the answer. I re-wrote HelpMaker nearly 30 times before I got it correct.

In the case of HelpMaker,
I went through nearly 10 image-library vendors, 5 calendar-and-planner-library vendors, 6 Treeview-library vendors, 15 database-library vendors... and so on... it stopped some time ago when I got my own in-house developers to write code for me instead.

Maybe it's too good to be true that HelpMaker is free of charge.

Maybe it doesn't matter at all.

I forgot to mention:
we're having a flu going around at my office.

When I feel a bit better, I'll post the HM updates and latest version of HM8 for testing.

sorry for the inconvenience caused.


If I offended anyone -
I'm sorry.


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