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GemX - missing in action

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Beth UK:
Hi sigh and beldeamon...

Welcome to the thread for 'lost and confused' Gemx refugees! Ok, well maybe that's a bit premature but there seems to be a single train of thought along the ideas of everyone not knowing what's going on.

Sigh (ido2!!!)... you were always such an active Gemx forum member so it is a shame to see you feeling disillusioned.

I guess the fact that you both found the thread suggests Gemx customers are hunting around trying to find out what is going on.

I wonder if Zaine is reading this thread because if I remember rightly he did have Texnotes or Do-Organizer down on his Great Software List at one point - but it may have been removed later. Or I may just be going insane! (Which has always been a possibility)..!

Well, hello everybody! You guys, you all know me - tiptop from the gemx forum. (or maybe no more).
Before anything, at least for me, the most important thing that's above everything else is... Client service. Service is what people want. If you put it ahead of everything else, then things will go well - it has to - that's simple common sense. When you put your "simple business sense" under the carpet, well, your business will fail. It's like the expression we hear sometimes, "put the horse in front of the cart". But some, when it comes to service, literally have the cart in front of the horse and expect things to move that way. It's a shame that some just don't seem to understand this. Gemx started out pretty good in service, at least for me, and it just drowned beneath the oceantide. That's what happens when you fail to promote "service". Service is worth more than gold. It will keep people hanging on. People will believe in you and will even stick up for you when things are rough. But don't ever compromise on the issue or the waves will just knock you right over. It's not easy to get back in line with things after that - it's a big challenge. It puts a big strain in your everyday business life. It's a hard lesson to be learned.

It's really a shame that there is no communication from them - they just coldly black you out - even the moderator. I put in so many hours for them and there's nothing. And when you face these kinds of situations, you have "influences" pulling you in all directions. You kinda have to "pull back" and think things over. Nobody wants to drown on the titanic! It's funny as I said that (titanic), a thought came to mind. I used to teach nautical safety here in the Montreal region and there was an occasion where I rented a location for a course. And just before I gave the course, I found out that that "home" I rented - a very old home with a huge piece of land that used to belong to a "couple" who drowned on the titanic! I had to tell that to the students there - and they all laughed. Imagine - teaching nautical safety in the home of a wealthy couple who drowned in a nautical misadventure. The city uses it as a multi-purpose rental hall.

Anyways, if you service-stear in a forward direction, you won't go through such misadventures. In fact, things will be quite different. If you set sail with valued priorities, then that guideline will keep the boat afloat. You'll be able to survive the oncoming waves, even if they strike often. There's no promise things would be easy, but at least, you'll succeed.

They will really have to get their act together. There is just so much work to be done in DO, and yes, there are loads of bugs and instability to be resolved. But why promise so much to members over an entire year and make little show of it?!  Even so, many of the "bugs" that were fixed are starting to show again - in the current version. Why make a "public broadcast" about a server issue when we're all intelligent enough to know that's not the issue at hand.

Personally, I'll walk away from any software developer that puts service in the car trunk - even when the software is good. I would rather have SERVICE and a mediocre application in development than to have the best software available but with poor service. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, we can "fall back" on previous applications and look for interesting alternatives. It's kinda fun touring other apps although deceptions are "real" in the software world.

It would be nice to hear what apps you all have in mind or fall back on...

I wonder if Zaine is reading this thread because if I remember rightly he did have Texnotes or Do-Organizer down on his Great Software List at one point - but it may have been removed later. Or I may just be going insane! (Which has always been a possibility)..!
--- End quote ---

No, you're not insane! Zaine loved TexNotes Pro and highly recommended it until about this time last year, at which point he removed it from The Great Software List. He's pared the list down a lot and the notetaking section in particular is a lot thinner than it used to be. I suspect that this is because he really likes OneNote. He also had very good things to say about Do-Organizer here. Scroll down to find his post - he made a number of them, but the posting on September 12, 2006 was particularly glowing.

All of this is too bad, but I'm glad it's bringing people to this thread and hopefully someone will eventually be able to enlighten us all. ido2!!!'s rather suggests that there might have been/be some internal problems within the company - disagreements over the direction of development, perhaps, that have led to this situation.

beldeamon, I am SO glad that when I finally decided to buy Do-Organizer (about a month ago after dithering for over a year) I elected to use the mailer part as a backup to Outlook 2003 rather than to replace it. I have Outlook so "tweaked" that I didn't have the heart to start from scratch with Do-Organizer and decided to set it up to download my messages but to leave them on the server so that Outlook could do the same. I'm really glad that I did because I actually prefer Outlook (my arguments in the gemx forums remain the same - the do-organizer base should probably have been Scribe and the e-mail component should be a paid module...) for e-mail. C'est la vie.

I really hope that they get their act together and continue to develop their software... So don't we all.

Wow! TipTop is here - his post went in while I was typing the above. Welcome tiptop I'm posting this and will then read your post.

Bummed. TipTop I'm sorry that you weren't kept in the loop, either. You were (are, we hope) such a big part of what made the forums a great place to visit/get help. I'm stunned that you weren't given any more info than the rest of us. OK, let me rephrase that - you were given just as little information as the rest of us!

Anyway, to you, to ido2!!!, to beldeamon, and to BethUK (though as noted this is a year late) Welcome to donationcder!

I would like to throw out a huge welcome to all the folks from the GemX Forums. Hopefully you can find some sort of solice (spelling?) in that many users here feel your pain. You've found a very good community and I think you will grow to like it. Welcome :) (Shamurai from the GemX Forums)


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