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GemX - missing in action

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No worries. I sent off a note to support last night. Haven't had a response BUT I re-activated my forum id and got a response saying:

We verified your account status and realized that the doO and TNP accounts were deleted simultaneously by mistake. Please send us your registration info as per email you received when ordering TexNotes Pro and we will re-activate your account. We apologize for the inconveniance.
--- End quote ---

Which was nice - they're paying attention!

It's all good...

Done and sorted... and I STILL have access to a download for the latest version of Do-Organizer 3 (version 3.2)  :o Right... now that I have a responsive support team, I'll e-mail them again and let them know!

Wow! Things have changed around GemX - I've already had an answer to that e-mail as well.

Hi Darwin,

That are good news. They are quite active indeed.
Yesterday, I sent my registration to the GemX forum and I received the validation e-mail very quickly.
They have charged their batteries and it seems that they are plenty of energy.
We will see...




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