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GemX - missing in action

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You could argue that even if the components are the source of the problem it is the package developers fault for choosing such crappy components!
-Carol Haynes (December 20, 2007, 05:19 AM)
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what if the developers themselves were fooled and did not know better?

Carol Haynes:
It still isn't the problem of the end user.

Example - a company buys laptop batteries from a third party and sells their new all singing laptop worldwide. The batteries turn out to have faults and the laptops burst into flames 6 months after purchase. (Sound familiar) The end user might be sympathetic to the laptop manufacturer but they still want a new laptop with a non-exploding battery. Will an end user be happy if the laptop manufacturer tells them 'not my problem - I don't make the battery and I can't fix it?'

The battery sourcing problems are not the end user's concern - they want and need a laptop that works it is up to the laptop manufacturer to source dependable batteries and if he has problems take the battery manufacturer to court for compensation or find another source of dependable batteries.


Just joined the forum - found it when I did a search on "texnotes draw bugs".

I bought TexNotes Pro a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately without having tested it thoroughly. After discovering some bugs in the Draw section I wrote their support and reported the problems. I also included screen capture videos to demonstrate exactly how the program behaved. The first they said was this:

"First of all please keep in mind that draw and paint tools are not the main part or purpose of TexNotes Pro [TNP] They are added as an extra tools to provide quick access to simple draw and paint needs. It's not our intention to add full vector drawing or image painting modules. We offer 60 days trial so that everybody, who wishes can test all the features they need, way they need them before buying it. It's a fact of life that nothing will work according to everybodies specific needs or way they want it to be working."

Well I certainly agree here, but I find this remark quite irrelevant. I didn't ask for any new features or anything, just reported some apparent bugs with the existing features.

Anyway, they were actually able to reproduce some of the bugs I reported (which they promised would be fixed), but not them all. One they claimed they could not reproduce is when I draw a rectangle, an ellipse, a line or whatever, I only see a small part of the object. First when I click a different button the screen is refreshed and I can see the whole object. Another is that I simply cannot select or rotate any objects - no selection handles appear at all when I click them. I can move the objects by dragging, but also here I cannot see what's going on real time because the screen is not refreshed before I click a button.

Since they were unable to reproduce these bugs, I started investigating the problem which appeared to be related to my machine or setup or something. I have another machine with the exact same mainboard, CPU etc., but with different software installed. I installed TexNotes here - same problem. So I couldn't point at any specific software that might be conflicting with TexNotes. 

I then reverted back to a "raw" image of my system, i.e. XP with only the mainboard drivers installed. Same problems. I removed all the drivers, same problems. Huh? Bug in chipset or onboard graphics (which I'm currently using)? But why did other vector programs like Xara Xtreme and PowerSHAPE, or any other graphics program for that matter, work flawlessly then? I scrathed my head.

Then I hooked up an older Win 2000 computer with completely different hardware and installed Texnotes here. Exact same problems. Then I began to realise that the GemX guys maybe didn't really tell the truth when they said they could not reproduce some of the bugs. So I'd like to hear if anyone else here are having the same problems as me, with TexNotes Pro?


Who knows? Granted, GemX was pretty small & low-key, but they've been around for a while. You couldn't run even the smallest business for this long with so little customer response. Even if GemX could get away with being unresponsive, they clearly had much higher standards than that. If you just read the GemX web site, you'll see a lot of effort & a lot of good intentions.
-SKesselman (December 16, 2007, 03:30 PM)
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I agree here, their standards seem to be pretty high, you can also see that in the way they design their software. But if you can't live up to your own standards, it doesn't work. One of the reasons it doesn't work may be they sell themselves too cheap. Or wanting to deliver too much for the money, to keep up with the competition (even though I don't know of anyone who could actually compete, if their stuff really worked well, without all these bugs).

I'm just trying out their SurfGem program, and it simply beats anything I've seen of that kind. I've never really liked the other's I've tried but this one is just what I've been looking for. And I wouldn't hesitate one second in buying it, if I knew for sure it wasn't full of bugs, like Texnotes and Do-Organizer apparently is. And not least, if it has bugs, that they will be fixed. Does anyone have any experience with it? Haven't really had time to check it out that much.


Just saw this on their webpage:

19th December 2007: Software Development.
GemX do-Organizer original release date of Nov 2007 has been pushed into early January 2008, due to new features in the Finance section and further improvements in other applicable sections.

We will be releasing updates for TexNotes Pro, SurfGem and Wizquote in the first quarter of 2008.

Happy Holidays
GemX Team.


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