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GemX - missing in action

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Who knows? Granted, GemX was pretty small & low-key, but they've been around for a while. You couldn't run even the smallest business for this long with so little customer response. Even if GemX could get away with being unresponsive, they clearly had much higher standards than that. If you just read the GemX web site, you'll see a lot of effort & a lot of good intentions.

GemX presented their work, from one upgrade to the next, including all of their correspondence with me, very professionally. I found Peter not only to be kind, but also and very patient, unassuming, honest and upfront about his work. He was very appreciative of the input. He was very professional.

Of course, I know this is not common knowledge, but anyone who communicated with GemX at the start of (or prior to) the GemX forum would agree that this situation is very strange, and very disheartening. Prior to GemX opening their forum, you just couldn't find their customers complaining on forums of poor service.

So, all I'm saying is, where is the benefit of the doubt? They had a good reputation before. Perhaps they will, again.

I certainly don't think customers are obliged to concern themselves with the welfare of companies they patronize.
But for anyone here who feels insulted, or assumes GemX is too arrogant to respond appropriately, have you considered that perhaps, you might be wrong? What would make you or me shut down like that?

The once-responsive, ambitious, hard working developer is not communicating.
This is not a good sign. Sure, it would be nice if someone would make contact, but that's not happening, either.
Another not very good sign. Perhaps I'm wrong. But arrogance, I don't think, is the issue.

There's life in GemX yet...! I've just received an e-mail advising me of a 50% off Christmas sale. Be interesting to see what this means/yields.

I replied to them telling them they lost me as a customer and referral source after their last fiasco. I ensured it was received as I sent it directly to Peter Brooks. This company lost my trust with their 2.5 month outage and non-communication phase.

Did you get a reply? Stupid question as I know the answer...

As of right now, no reply.


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