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GemX - missing in action

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4) Notekeepers and Outliners: I'm a crazy fanatic of outliners.-borengate (October 03, 2007, 02:26 AM)
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If you're a fanatic of outliners, you must know Ecco Pro? Perhaps the best one-pane outliner + grid...
You may want to checkout It is a rich text one-pane outliner + grid, custom folders, forms, notepads, same as Ecco. Plus many improved features. It is completely free while in beta!

Have any of you found something similar to do-organizer? I like the all in one, linked, integrated approach. Im looking for something that has similar functions with that of the calendar module in do-organizer.

No news from the developers?

As Pierre noted, check out SQLNotes (though it isn't the all in one solution you are looking for... yet!).

Superboyac and Pierre have been discussing the calendar this morning - read their dialogue starting with this message:

one that i have been "monitoring" for some time now (this year) is shown below.  i think it has great promise when it gets released - in beta right now. i need to get some time to respond to one of the main developers about some questions that i posed  - particularly something that i need the program (called Nighthawk) to do - have mulitple calendars and be able to have the multiple calendars show side by side and A LOT of customizations within the program.

he is very eager to see the screen captures - i just need to take some time to send them to him

here is the link to the site:

Wow! Nighthawk is visually stunning. I'll add it to my "watch" list  :Thmbsup: Thanks for the link, sigh.


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