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GemX - missing in action

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I don't think that they're actively monitoring it, but there is some evidence to suggest that they've visited it in the past...

Bizarre. I posted earlier in this thread about DSM'ing gemx to alert them to the fact that despite receiving a refund, Do-organizer 3.09 and a registration key are still available in my download area. Four days ago they replied with: "Thank you" (that's the entire response to a three paragraph missive that was entirely positive - I would have thought a refreshing change...) and yet the downloads are STILL there  :o?! Oh well, I did my bit.


This is why I have lost respect for GemX. They dont read half the stuff they reply to, or they just briefly skim it and send a generic reply. That is not a way to treat paying customers. Perhaps the DSM service is too much work, ala the forums.

Yes - it is a bit alarming that they took the time to respond to my DSM but didn't even bother to remove me from the database of registered Do-Organizer users. Indicates that all is not well at GemX still... I hope they get things sorted out and back on track soon. I *think* that they've lost a significant, even HUGE, number of users over this and will likely need to build up another user base. They've a long, hard slog ahead of them. I still have a (paid for!) licence for TexNotes Pro so will continue to monitor the situation. Can't say I'm holding my breath, though.

[beating dead horse alert] Just checked logged in to check my user area at gemx and note that Do-Organizer and a licence for it are still available for me to download. Bizarre. [/beating dead horse alert]


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