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GemX - missing in action

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For those interested, a thread was started discussing SQLNotes (referenced earlier in this thread):

I have to agree with Doublewitt.  I have searched for and downloaded quite a few products, (some I even purchased) that I thought would suit my needs Nothing that I tried before I downloaded do-O, and nothing that I have downloaded and tried since I purchased do-O is capable of comparing with do-Organizer.  GemX has put together the best software of it's kind that I have found so far.  I have every confidence that we will see some great improvements and additions to do-Organizer.  I will continue to use do-Organizer, and I'm certain that I wont be sorry.

Ron Bernier

The conflicted perspective? I didn't want this to turn out like this. I agree with doublewitt - the product has huge potential and I hope GemX can put this episode behind them and realise that potential. I'm on the fence at the moment WRT whether or not I'll be along for the ride. I do feel that they've got their work cut out for them in managing the fallout from the past three months, but hope that they are able to do so.-Darwin (October 17, 2007, 05:22 PM)
--- End quote ---

The point is: the more we "complain" and "rant", the more we move away from the correct perspective. You can get so carried away with such things till you become blind to the truth - which is: well, if you think about it enough, the more you continue like that, the more you actually work against yourself - why? because that developer (GemX), will probably come around and provide just what you need. In a sense, they already have, but more progress will be made and you will benefit from it. But if you keep jabbing them in the back and everywhere possible on the net (reviews), you're only working against yourself... you are wasting your time, and you just might plainly regret it... and what will you have accomplished? I figure, a rare product like that should be taken into into a sensible perspective. And yes, sometimes, to get somewhere, and hold that perspective, you have to jump-the-hurdle. You have to help one another out... Often, people will support developers ONLY when things go well, - the minute things don't roll as they should, "that's it! - I've had enough". But it's then that your support counts the most - when the going gets rough! Development and funds go hand-in-hand, the more you destroy the incoming funds process, less developments will be made. Who will suffer? - you! Why demolish your own opportunity? What's the point? Just wait, - things will change. I've realized through discussion with them, that they are solidly determined to continue their mission.

Look, I got into that "attitude" like everybody else, I'm not perfect( :-\), but I figure it's time to get my attitude in line for a healthy perspective... and for do-O, I'm ready to "do-O it!"
Everyday, I still enjoy using it... and what a pleasure!!!


I'm not sure about what's going on here.

Are you afraid they'll blacklist you or something? Or that they will stop developing the product because of this thread?

Or are these apologies to the GemX developers? Confessions about an uncontrollable addiction to GemX products -- despite bugs, bad support and somewhat wrong advertisement?

There are ways to say things, of course, but what is said is said, and it's good that it was said.

Anyway. I can tell you that I've tried Do Organizer and, yes, found it VERY impressive.

But, here's my own take on some negative aspects :

- a bit buggy (which made it unreliable -- sorry I won't go into specific details : others have)
- impossible to sync with my palm
- doesn't interoperate as well as others with other office applications
- and "internal industrial strength GemX DobermanDB™ database engine" doesn't inspire me much confidence. What's that? I'd rather have my info stored in a well known database format -- the GemX DobermanDB™ database engine may very well be extraordinary, but I'd like to know a tad more before I surrender my data to it.
- etc.

They brought this upon themselves. Noone is denoying that the product is good and unique (at the moment) despite the bugs. But if you treat your customers with disrespect then you cant complain about negative posts and act like the victim. By using their product people are depending on them and that carries a responsibility. People have placed their trust in your product. Noone wanted to post negative posts - people were pissed off. To the extent they they went to the trouble, aggrevation and time to get a refund back. And to actively search the internet and find this forum and try to find out what's going on. People have better things to do than waste time on things like that.

In the 2-3 months they dissapeared, they must have received 200-300 messages from their clients. Not taking into account all the posts on this forum. And they didnt reply to a single one. It would have taken 30 seconds of their time to post a reply and give an explanation. This is unbelievably disrepectful and unprofessional. And this includes people who have dedicated time to beta testing their program and you Tiptop who spent so much time maintaining the forum. Which by the way I find the most bizzare - that you guys were as much in the dark as the rest of us. I think maybe you are too understanding Tiptop considering the way they treated you and the only reason you are siding with them is because you find the product so usefull. I think your previous posts here were more truthfull. Have you become their spokesman? Are they unable to explain what happened themselves (and need to hide behind pre-prepared statements on their website). Do you let people in real life treat you like that?

They need to be honest and respectful to their customers and not shroud the product in secrecy. I am using their product at the moment but am actively looking for an alternative. Sadly I doubt that much will change with the company. What leads me to believe that is that they didn't even have the decency, common courtesy and respect to post a reply to this forum (and give an honest explanation of what happened). How sad is that?


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