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Étonné - logic, math, crypto and programming problems

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Nice. Now I'll have to think a while about the f(x) question. Just a small pointer maybe?

Spoilerf(x) = ceiling
f(x) = palindrome
f(x) = ? (I don't know yet)
f(x) = breast
f(dessert) = distress

Am I going in the right direction?

First of all, read the question once again, very carefully, look especially on the f(x) = x part, because I think you misunderstood something a bit. But I also see you sort of found the clue. Think about synonyms to the words you gave.

I think I've found the third answer.

And you mean:

Spoilerf(height above ground) = top


I'll need to sleep on this one :wallbash:


Still not exactly. It is said that for the four given values of x, it is true that f(x) = x. In other words Spoilerf(height above ground) = height above ground
and so on. And think about some synonyms in the fifth equation.

I think I got the idea. This is my very first post here and I don't know how to hide text yet, so I won't be too specific. I understand that the first step is to find a synonym of "you", is it right? (hope it is!)


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