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Étonné - logic, math, crypto and programming problems

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you probably have to think closer to home

Thanks for the tips. As you point out, I already think I know the answer, Spoileras in Cirque Du ... right? I also tried Sirius, which would be the second brightest star.

Somehow it isn't working :(

I know several people who would love to play something like this, unfortunately, none of them speak english :(

Yes, as in ... :) I think I know why you don't succeed: SpoilerNot horse, but a horse. Not Soleil but ... If you don't know French, look over the internet for it.

Heh, thanks.

I'm now at the geometry equation... Never seen anything like that, but I'll try.

Could the answer be like a fractal, or something simpler? I'm really rusty at set theory already, and there are some symbols I don't fully understand :(


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