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Étonné - logic, math, crypto and programming problems

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So it seems I don't know what to make of this:

Spoiler(2 ^ 64) - 1) / 365.2425

I've tried the result of the above operation, I also tried different variations, like adding the word "billion" or "million" (and removing the related digits).

Do I deserve another hint?

There's a little problem with your formula. You divide the number of moves, and thus seconds, by the number of days in a year. You have to divide by the number of seconds in a year instead, so you're almost there.

Oh right... That's what I was doing on my initial attempts, but somehow it didn't work... now it does, thanks!

Stuck again... What's the name of the brightest star? I've tried variations in latin, greek, english, and french of the two most brightest stars... What gives?

One of the stars you see on the sky is definitely the brightest. And the question is in French. And remember it's a name of the star. And remember about this tiny thing at the beginning of your answer.

By the way, does anyone else play this? Ivan, if you know anyone who could like Étonné, please tell them!


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