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Étonné - logic, math, crypto and programming problems

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If you like logic, mathematic and programming problems and riddles, have a look at this page: Needs some "out of the box" thinking.

You solve the riddles consecutively: you have to give the correct answer to a riddle to get to the next one. Once every few riddles you are given two or three interesting links (one of the links leads to donationcoder :)). Some of the questions are rather easy, but some of them really need some knowledge or work.


Oooh, which link to donationcoder? :)

After solving about 7 riddles you get to it... try yourself :)

Can somebody help me with the Hanoi puzzle?

I already know the moves and the amount of seconds, but in one part the puzzle asks for the age of the universe, then it asks for the age of the world, and it asks that in years, but the age of the universe has an uncertainty of about +/-200 million years... I've tried several answers, but none works...

Any pointers?

Basically, don't look for a trick in this question. This is a strictly mathematical question. Just divide the amount of seconds to move the whole tower by the average amount of seconds in a year (be sure not to use a calculator which loses precision).
If you type help as the answer, you will see a help about the average number of seconds in a year (average, because some years are leap years and some are not, so not all years have the same number of seconds), so just divide the two numbers and round mathematically to the nearest integer. That's it.

And you're right, the legend is for sure untrue, because it assumes that at the very beginning at the world they already had the tower on the first needle, while we know that at that time there was no gold, no diamonds, no priests, no temples and no Earth :) but it's simply unimportant here.



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