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$7.5 to optimize XP NTFS Drive access : rip-off or not ?

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i'll donate 3.5 DonationCredits to the first person that finds out what it is and reports back...

cody won't allow me to pay more than that.

I am thinking I will purchase this just so I can end this debacle and figure out what this thing is.

If it is what f0dder says, demand a refund!

It would make sense anyway, they claim "Improve Your Hard Drive File Access Performance By 40% to 500%" which is quite a broad range... guess what, compression ratio (and thus the decrease in HDD access time) depends on the content of the files...

I've tried registering at MSFN to do a backlink to this thread on donationcoder, but unfortunately my mail host is down atm. so I can't confirm the account creation, doh >_<

If it is what f0dder thinks it is (and it would make sense), I think they're playing a dangerous game with their reputation as a company. Taking money for such a tip is despicable. Not only that, if it really is what f0dder suspect they completely fail to mention the increased CPU usage you would get from compressing/decompressing the files. Also, no matter what method you use, not every filetype is compressable. I seriously doubt you would see any improved performance (and certainly not 40%+) on a HDD that stored mainly movies and music.


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