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What about web-based (php, ruby, python, etc) DC coders doing some web snacks?

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We've got quite a few coders on DC creating small http://autohotkey-based desktop utilities, but we really don't seem to have much activity from the web-based coders.  There are so many fun little ideas that would be nice to see turned into small web-based applications/services..

Any of you web-based coders interested in setting up a kind of space somewhere on dc and trying to create some fun small web services?

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
yes yes, I second the opinion.

'Do you concur Doctor?'
"Yes, I concur!"

I'd be game for scripting some snacks, that's about the size I like to script in anyway :P

Do you have some examples of these kind of "web snacks" ?? Not really practical is it? idk.  :D

Hey wordpress theme creator for web is ready,maybe someone can lift it to program on delphi or cpp builder? what u think?

I have lot of ideas for programs but sometimes can't get started just stuck with some basic things in IDE   :(

Actually once i get comfortable in Delphi i'll try to create a beteer donationware software that competes gamemaker (
ok ok that is just my wish,lets see how far i go.


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