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Asset Inventory Software


Hello all.

Just a question mainly, Im guessing most people who use this forum, prob Work in IT, in some way or another, or may know of something helpful.

I work for a University in the UK, at the moment, We use a manual Input Inventory system, which i do, we have around 3000 PC's that have been manually inputted, over the years.

I am currently Looking for some sort of inventory management system, that Traces the network for Devices, and displays the details on a webbased page or a cilent software.

I have looked at the following so far:
Landesk  - Rough cost it would cost £28k
Centennial - Quoted £26k

Now were a poor uni, we could only afford around 6k, Does anyone know of any such product that is good for inventory tracking but is cheap!

Ive looked for open source stuff but cant find much.

What do you use at work?

At our college we use Wasp Technologies MobileAsset Combo Pack. I think it works (or that's our implementation) with a barcode scanner, barcode stickers, and recently a ultra mobile pc was bought to work with the windows version on the move. Apparently it also has a portable version with it but it's more limited.

The cost of it must be £2k in total (think we have the one user licence) this is including the samsung ultra mobile pc that we bought ourselves.


I'm not sure if it will meet your needs, but there is one freeware asset management program I used often and like. It is called PXServer.


Ye i found that yesterday its quite good, looking into it deeper now, thanks for the info


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