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Family/Household Personal Information Organizer/Manager

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Guess we didn't get the copyrighter's use blessing.  A shame because I have a pretty powerful TiddyWiki which utilizes built in forms to input and store the information and include views.  Things like personal information, bank accounts, assets, insurance, home inventory, investments, annuities,   legal docs (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.), affiliations (work, military, church, school), web/software accounts (urls, userids, passwords, keys), and final directives (who to notify, special music or readings at funeral, etc.).  I'm quite impressed with the TiddlyWiki capabilities.....the forms plug-in make the data entry very intuitive and the encryption plug-in ensures it stays completely secure. 

I'm now looking to change the structure/content to alleviate the copyright so I can make it available for others to use.

I've been thinking of a similar app for quite a while.

The best I've been able to come up with is some sort of wiki; running either on a small server behind a firewall on your home network or as a personal wiki on your local machine.

I think a wiki 'add-on' to do the other functionality you want might work.

Here's a FREE program from State Farm Insurance that I've been using for a while.... very detailed, complete, and easy to use although its not the most modern looking GUI.

Its called "Family Matters" and the current URL for download is:

Try it.... it may just get you organized and solve your problem.  :up:
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Finally, something I can chime in.

I keep everything in a KeePass file. I just attach scanned copies to individual entries in the DB, they can be PDFs, DOCs, Excel files, or anything else.

This way it's very secure, although the only thing I haven't figured out is how to securely allow somebody else access to my file in case of emergency without making it too insecure.

Beth UK:
Sorry - I'm a bit late joing this thread!

I was looking at some of the interesting uses of Tiddlywikki particularly with regard to storing 'emergency' or 'personal' info.

I am wondering if there would not be security issues here:

I'll be working through the suggestions and will get some of this implemented so that if anything happens to me, my wife isn't left beating her head against the wall because she doesn't know the password to access our credit card online
--- End quote ---

Tiddlywikki is using html which in unencrypted form would sit inside the browser cache of any computer it was read on. Wouldn't this leave extremely personal data totally exposed..? This would be especially true if running from a USB stick on multiple computers?

Just a thought...


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