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Family/Household Personal Information Organizer/Manager

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Wow, this is timely.
I've just gone through this process of getting all stuff in order just in case.
I didn't find much online, it seems to fall under estate planning and people want money for their lists and to advise you.

I did find two guides that were pretty helpful.
Emergency Financial First Aid Kit and a Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide:

From my own poking around, I cobbled together a Personal Records guide. Its 14 pages (text, good sized type)and is a little redundant in some places, but I would be happy to share it.
Some of it is stuff I've grabbed off the net (freely available) and some of it is stuff I've thought of myself.

Yes please do share it.

mouser, what would the best way be to make it available to all?

You can attach it to your post, or if you think it's a project you might like to make a web page for i can make some space for you.

I think it would be really nice to see a few people from the dc forum here get together and produce a kind of "kit" of the form i described above, basically just a zipped up directory structure with subfolders for different kinds of information, and a nice little guide (or a bunch of readme's or pdfs in each of the different folders) for what should get put where.

However it's done remember to be respectful of copyright stuff -- if you include something someone else wrote, make sure it's ok to do so, and cite then and their website properly.

Ok. Let me get an answer back on use of one of the forms, its copyrighted.

I could post a link to the page where the forms are, but the form itself is copyrighted. I've sent a note asking permission to use it.


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