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Knytt Stories - New Game (plus level editor!) from "Within a Dark Forest" author


The amazing games of Nicklas Nifflas Nygren have been posted about several times in the past on the donationcoder forum.  "Within a Dark Forest" remains one of the most charming games ever made.

Now comes word of a brand new game, "Knytt Stories".  This looks like it's built using the same basic engine as a previously released game called Knytt, which doesn't quite live up to the masterpiece of Within a Dark Forest, but is still a fantastic achievement.

What's more, the game now comes with a powerful level editor, so you can create your own stories and levels and share them with others (!).  Hey maybe someone needs to make a Cody level?

As soon as you start this game you immediately know you are playing something special.


Personally, I found myself more enamoured with Knytt than WaDF.  Knytt, while straight forward and simple, did a wonderful job of creating a certain ambience.  I found it strangely immersive, despite the simple graphic style used.  I was thrilled when I learned Knytt Stories was coming--thought it didn't release til tomorrow.  Tis a good day!

Grrrr >:( it wasn't supposed to be out till tomorrow, I wanted to make the announcement here :D

Ooooooh, it's finally here :D

Too bad I won't have time for playing it anytime soon :(

Man... What a fantastic game. I already finished the default game and one of the expansion packs. It's so damn good that i just decided to donate to the author for his fantastic work!
Careful while you play this, If you have any work to do, don't even think about starting to play it!!


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