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SubmitToTab - a Firefox add-on

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in addition to the menu, you can simply hold the control key while clicking on a submit button to have the form submitted in a new window -- very convenient.

What's the purpose of submitting a form to open up as a new tab?
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This is actually a very useful thing.  There are lots of times (let's say when using the quick search function at the top of this forum), where you want to keep the current page open and then open the results of the form submission (search results) in a new tab or new window.  So this addon lets you choose when to keep the current page open and open the results in a new tab.

Yes! Love it. I'd love to see something like this brought into the IE sphere as well...-Darwin (August 28, 2007, 12:34 AM)
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Darwin, why not just use Firefox? :P but seriously, i myself would like something such as this when i'm using other browsers such as K-Meleon & etc..

-lanux128 (August 28, 2007, 12:47 AM)
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Darwin: If it's the IE7 look that's keeping you away from Firefox, check out the attached screenshot ;)

What's the purpose of submitting a form to open up as a new tab?
-sri (August 28, 2007, 12:56 AM)
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My take on the idea is that you can continue reading the page that you are on while the form is submitted on a different tab/window. This way, you can submit the form and then hit the back button on your browser and continue with whatever it is you are doing (or indeed simply keep reading the page that you happen to have been on) while the form is submitted (or opened) on the new tab/window. You can then switch between the tabs/windows. Multitasking! Men aren't good at it. This will help. Ooh. Aah.  :Thmbsup:

Heh, heh, nice one sri. It's not the look though it's the plugin support and support of groups in Maxthon that keep me here. I have a set up 5 pages that open up with Maxthon - can't live without that. And I love Roboform, which rules out Opera altogether. Then there are a myriad of little things that I can't list right now. I don't know... Like I said, as luck would have it I uninstalled both FF 2 and Opera 9.23 in a fit of what has been referred to elsewhere on the forums today as "software bulemia". I've been binging on software installations and got panicked and started purging. I'll be reinstalling them soon enough I suspect (I already regret the FF uinstallation as I didn't save its settings and I had it pretty tweaked)... I used them all on and off but live in Maxthon. I've never actually seriously tried surfing in IE7, just pales in comparison to either Maxthon 1.6.1 or Maxthon 2.

What's the purpose of submitting a form to open up as a new tab?-sri (August 28, 2007, 12:56 AM)
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i'll re-quote my post from this thread.. ;)

... i'm not sure of the terms so i'll use a scenario: let's say, i'm reading a post and i want to to use the search feature. normally i'd go to the top of the page & type-in the keyword and click on the Search button. then a page is generated with the search results, i want this page to be in a new tab/window so that i can continue reading the post..-lanux128 (August 27, 2007, 11:46 PM)
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