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[feature request] FARR2 as dialog extender?

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Would it be possible to make a plug-in that allows FARR2 to be used in standard file save and open dialog for finding a specific file/folder?

That would be sooo excellent!!

It's a great idea.
But I really wonder how such a plug-in would work...
What were you imagining? Something like a hot key to send farr's results to the open/save window? Or a real GUI integration?


armando, I like your vision for how this would work. I suspect that it would be hard to integrate FARR into any of the Office dialogues but regular open/save dialogues it might be possible. We can dream!


But I believe that using a hot key to send whatever results (paths) chosen in farr directly to the active (open/save) window would probably be enough for most operations.

I'm not sure what kind of benefits a GUI integration would add... Maybe more fluidity. It would probably be quite tricky to code.


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