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A joyful addition..

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Hmmm, three kids at home... while they're babies, it's quite easy to handle them, but once they hit the four years mark... well, wait and see ;D. Maybe you should ask Cody if he could act as a babysitter once in a while, I'm sure he will entertain the kids :D

Congrats again!

Just walked my eldest to his first day of kindergarten  :-*. Time flies... My babies are growing up  :o

yes, my 4 year old throws up a big ruckus every morning claiming he is too sleepy to go to the nursery/kindergarten.. but when back at home, he's all excited to tell about his day at school.. :)

That's just the beginning guys... nursery / preschool is where they conspire and devise plans to drive mom and dad insane. Watch out!

that is true, they will get all the ideas and tips when in discussion with their peers.. :)


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