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A joyful addition..

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i mentioned this on the IRC channel and now i making a parallel announcement in the forums. i haven't done this before so this might sound off-key a bit.. anyway, here goes.. :)

We are delighted to announce the birth of our little princess. She was born on Wednesday (22nd August 2007) at about 12.45am, weighing at 3.31kg. The mother and baby are safely at home and we are going through our shortlist to pick a name.

I planned to include a photo of the baby with this announcement but decided to wait until she's a bit older. :)

Thank you. :)

Let me be the first to say:


That's really wonderful news. 

Wow, congratulations, Lanux!  :Thmbsup: My best wishes to your new family! I feel happier just thinking about it  :D

Congratulations lanux!!

Upload screenshots of your 3.31kg Lanux Expansion Pack now!

Yes, I absolutely second that, congratulations to all three of you. You are very lucky.
Just think, before long and with a bit more work, your house will be like this...


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