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"Content-Aware Image Resizing!! OMG!!!!!!!".. Calm down: it's useless

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I looks like he just applies a soble filter convolve and then uses the low frequency areas of the image to decide where to stretch or squash.
He must have more complex ideas that Abobe is interested in. Otherwise thay would have just taken the information. Im guessing he has something really brilliant he impressed them with that has not been made public - not just this. Not that this is not interesting, it just wouldn't need to have a specialist come in to do it for adobe.

I had played with it for a few pictures. It really not very useful other than the potential of erasing objects. But the masking has to be very careful or very noticeable manipulation / artifacts.

There's now also a GIMP plugin:
All about Linux - Liquid rescale feature now available as a GIMP plugin


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