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Recommendations for a screen resolution manager?

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I have a laptop with a widescreen that often gets used with projectors.  Some projectors don't support the widescreen, so it's necessary to change the screen resolution so the projector won't have a problem with it.  Is that software out there that can quickly save and restore these resolution settings easily, without having to go through all the display properties and stuff?  Thanks.

Command line: ResolutionChanger

Tray/Menu: Quick Resolution Changer

Tray/Menu: Quick Resolution Changer
-Nighted (August 22, 2007, 01:41 PM)
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Very nice!  Thanks.  Here's a follow-up question...what's a good software that does something similar, but can also save and configure multiple-monitor setups?  Like have a different setting for a laptop-TV combo, laptop-projector combo, laptop-monitor combo, laptop only, etc.  That would be very useful also.

Ultramon -

if you have multiple monitors then definitely look into Ultramon.


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