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DcuHelper.exe v1.10 (7/12/11) - Update checking for your apps (dcupdater compat)

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Very nice! It's much improved and works like a charm!

Here's an excerpt of AHK code from my post-compile script that I use to automatically generate the necessary trout.dcupdate and versioninfo.xml files for my Trout audio player.  You will need Skan's FileGetVersionInfo() function.  Obviously, change paths and other specific information to suit your app and environment.

--- ---; Get verion and define paths.
AppName           := "Trout"
Version_String    := FileGetVersionInfo( A_ScriptDir . "\" . AppName . ".exe", "FileVersion" )
Version_Info_Dir  := A_ScriptDir . "\setup"
DcUpdate_Info_Dir := A_ScriptDir . "\setup\trout"

; Generate other needed bits.
myTime := A_Now
FormatTime, Version_Month, %myTime%, M
FormatTime, Version_Day  , %myTime%, d
FormatTime, Version_Year , %myTime%, yyyy

; Generate versioninfo.xml file contents.
Version_Info =
<?xml version="1.0"?>

; Delete and recreate Version_Info file.
FileDelete, %Version_Info_Dir%\versioninfo.xml
FileAppend, %Version_Info%, %Version_Info_Dir%\versioninfo.xml

; Generate .dcupdate file contents.
DcUpdate_Info =
<?xml version="1.0" ?>


<!-- basic info to display in updater-->

<!-- version info of locally installed current version, and simple remote version file -->

<!-- where to get more info about the app remotely, only queried once an update is discovered -->

<!-- ok how to conduct updates; could be: "Run" (download and run program), or "Visit" (visit website), or "Unzip" (download zip and unpack over files) -->


; Delete and recreate DcUpdate file.
FileDelete, %DcUpdate_Info_Dir%\%AppName%.dcupdate
FileAppend, %DcUpdate_Info%, %DcUpdate_Info_Dir%\%AppName%.dcupdate

Oh nice one bookmarked.

I had a thought.. without adding much size to dcuhelper.exe i could add a minimialist built in update check into dcuhelper.exe.

In other words, right now what dcuhelper does is if the dcupdater big utility is not installed, it opens the program web page so user can check version themself.

But it wouldnt be hard or add much size to add a really quick and dirty version check into dcuhelper.exe itself, so that it could inform the user when there is a new version and then open the program website, or do nothing if a new version is not ready.

The advantage of this is that it would be more useful to people who don't want to install the larger dcupdater tool and make it viable to use dcuhelper.exe itself as a very lightweight update checker.

I like this idea.   :D


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