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importing+exporting alias groups (nontroppo read in)

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<offtopic>Budapest was amazingly beautiful. My flatmate is Hungarian, so I was lucky to get a more personal perspective to the city. There is a nice artistic movement building, taking the raw material of their transformation from East to West and using it; I visited a massive abandoned factory converted into an Art space (a Friend is the coordinator) to see a lot going on (150 artists working in just one centre!). Magyar (Hungarian) is utterly unintelligible to an English speaker, but I really love the sound.</off-topic>

All SE7 plugins output as text:

I put each engine on a seperate line as individual entries into the same group to make the file easier to read; I can put them all in a single entry if you prefer.

The database has also been updated, e.g.:

great!  :up:

thanks nontroppo, i'll make my way through the list and build a default list of alias groups i think would be good to include with F&R.

Mouser, can we have an option to export groups to the clipboard directly? Currently we have to export to a file, open it up then copy.

yep, was thinking that myself.. will add.

i've collected what i think are the best from your opera page and will be uploading a default alias set tomorrow, then i would appreciate help in adding or removing from that so we can come to an agreement on the best overall default set of alias groups to include in version 2.


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