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FARR finds but can't open?

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i have to tell you that i meant to remove that option a long time ago.. i'm still not 100% sure why your computer is not letting farr launch shortcuts directly -- my best guess is some security software on your computer.  well next time someone tells me to remove some options i'll point them to this thread.

i think we need to nominate CleverCat to find us some more smilies for the smilie page when people post -- we need another 100 small smilie images so if you have some good one please send me.

The smilies I use are a Firefox extension called Smiley Xtra

I can go looking for others if u like. :Thmbsup:

Thanks for posting about this CleverCat and mouser, thanks for the solution. I have both DirectAccess and ActiveWords installed (but never running at the same time!) and have been experiencing this issue since I started running the alphas for v.2 of FARR. I've *never* until today been able to launch anything with it and have always put it down to a conflict with one or the other of my other launchers. This morning I thought "sod it, I'm going to figure this out" and found the thread within 0.1 secs of coming here...  :-[ So, I'm an idiot for waiting so long (at least 7 months) but the story has a happy ending. The BEST thing is that FARR coexists with DirectAccess quite nicely  :Thmbsup:

Finally, DCUpdater is awesome! Thanks mouser (can you tell that I'm on my third mug of coffee in under an hour?)...

In the last few Alpha iterations I've been unable to launch my dail-up connection, but everything else seems to launch O.K.  Maybe it's just me.  :tellme: 

Darwin - you shoyld have asked mouser straight away!

He's not called mouser for nothing - he 'pounces' on an "I smell a Rat" problem immediatly!

FARR finds but can't open?


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