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Need a mass email program

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I am looking for an email program to send out monthly newsletters.    Not spam- I have a website- and want to send out newsletters to other support coordinators. 

We need a program that is EASY to use-  I am bad with computers.. And can do the following

- Be able to add email addresses, and the program will detect or delete duplicates

-  Create nice looking emails- colors, fonts, links, etc.  Or be able to copy what we make into the email program

-  Avoid getting my email address turned off!!  Not appear as spam.

-  Be able to keep track of a list of up to 5,000 emails

- Be able to send emails to over 1000 people at a time.


thanks!!  By the way- I love what you guys do.. and wrote about you on my website under "Useful". 

Check out eAnnouncer - I use it to send out missives to my undergraduate students and it works very well.

I'm looking at it...  But I have no idea how to use outlook.  I have computer skills of a 3rd grader. 
I'm going to look more at the screen shots to see if it's something I can figure out.


Anything that bypasses outlook??  I know how to use WORD!! 

Wow.. Maybe I CAN figure this program out.. The directions look pretty good.


maybe not-

I only have outlook express.


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