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What is a reliable Imaging software for Vista ?


I'm trying to setup a laptop (that comes with Vista pre-installed).

After installing all the various utilities, printers and making other changes, I normally like to take a ("pure and unadulterated") image in case it gets messed up later on, so that I can revert to its pristine state easily.

Anyone here have any experience with a imaging software that runs on Vista ?


Acronis TrueImage is what I use to create images for backup purposes.

If you happen to own a Seagate drive (either internal or external), you may get a decent image tool for free: DiscWizard (which is a basic lite version of TrueImage)

Acronis TrueImage is what I use to create images for backup purposes.-Wordzilla (August 10, 2007, 09:46 AM)
--- End quote ---

Acronis TrueImage Home 10 is also what I use. In fact, I purchased it for my new Vista system. I've since run into some issues, and I'm not alone. You may want to investigate a little before deciding whether it's good for your environment. See my post in the other thread for more information.


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