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custom submenu on the start panel

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do you know any shell extension program that adds menu to start panel which let me customize what shortcuts i want to put as submenus under it..

pinned    | shell menu --------> submenu with a list of shortcuts
programs | my computer
             | my network palces   
             | control panel
             | printer and faxes
thanks in advanced

It would be nice If there was such a tool.

not exactly what your wanting, but there is Meta Launcher. To get what your wanting, you would have to use something like Meta Launcher and just completely change the start menu.

Not what you're after (exactly) but Vista Start Menu and True Lauch Bar will accomplish much of what you desire and both come in freeware (though functionally limited) versions.

Have a look at NirExt. The "Create Shortcut+" option is what you want.

QuickMenu is another alternative. The page is in Japanese but there is an English version for download.


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