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Top 3 programs you use

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(not counting browser)

Website Watcher
World of Warcraft
(honorable mention - My Life Organized)

Not sure how to count some of the great utilities that get frequent, but brief, use.

Well, truth be told, aside from FF, I use Photoshop, CoolEdit Pro, and Directory Opus on one or another machine. Oh yeah, Office 2003...

Okay, I keep all my $ware disks in a box under my bed labeled "Playboys and porn"! Fact is, I use dozens of freewares daily; the heavy duty stuff is for production work. "It isn't easy being green."
I prefer to use freeware, but there are some things that just work more efficiently with commercial software.


I wish the topic were "Top 3 programs you use Plus your Email client & Browser..."
-Renegade (August 09, 2007, 06:53 PM)
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I agree.  My top three programs are

1) Clipmate 7 (if I had to pick just one program, this would be it)
2) Directory Opus 9  (an amazing replacement for Windows Explorer)
3) A tie between Active Words (a macro program on steroids) and Powermarks (the best bookmark manager I know)

I also LOVE my email program, Mulberry (the best IMAP client I know, and I've tried lots).  If I weren't separating out email clients, I'd put Mulberry up there as my #3 pick.

andrew_x: (the best bookmark manager I know)-cyberdiva (August 31, 2007, 05:49 PM)
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Latest download is dated 12/02/2002, is it still alive?

I don't know about this poll.. i liked it better without trying to find a "winner".. just my 2 cents


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