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Top 3 programs you use

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OK, not sure if this has been asked before (if so feel free to close topic), just its for a project I am doing, and the fact that I am looking to try new (good) software, so here goes.

What are the top 3 programs/games you use on a daily basis? (You don't need to post 3, just no more then 3 please)
EDIT: It would also help, if possible, to also link to the program (I need to install it myself for the project).

After a few days I will take down the apps/games and count them off, and the top 25 or so will get added my project, SimpleStart (easy starting of commonly used apps) that I am releasing later this month.

To start off, mine are...
Halo 2 Vista

Hmm, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Made me think.. DAMN YOU! Umm, hmm I would have to say Pidgin, Opera, and Adobe Photoshop. :)

Cool post. For me, most basic are FeedDemon, The Bat, XChat.

mine are Opera, foobar2000 and .....FARR :D

Firefox, mIRC, and phpDesigner.  :)


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