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Top 3 programs you use

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Darwin, I will setup the poll after I determine the top few apps, apparantly I have another 2 pages worth of sorting to do to see what the top few are (probobly top 5, maybe top 10?).
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Cool - I'll love,er, look forward to it (though I'm sure I'll love it too!). Should be very interesting.

I use Opera, FeedDemon, and Post2Blog the most. Of those three FeedDemon is the only one that's not free, but in my opinion anyone that is addicted to RSS feeds needs a powerful feed reader like FeedDemon.

extract now

1st thing is IE7, then Musicovery (this is a MUST ) then Outlook and sort my mail!! Boring I know, but.

 :D Here's my list:

1. foobar2000
2. Firefox
3. Directory Opus 9


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