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Top 3 programs you use

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*screams* (OK, not really)

OK, well somehow without going insane I have managed put every single program name into my little (or not) notepad file, and am going to organize them and see what ones I can take out. Firefox, Opera, Maxthon (2, sorry but you should update anyways...), Thunderbird, FARR are all going to be in my app guaranteed, and it looks like Explorer (Windows), Xplorer2, and a couple others will be too. Its gonna be a pain making this down to the top 25. Hopefully more people will submit programs, I have about 5 more days until I plan to put this up for download.

sorry but you should update anyways..
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Why? Both 2 and 1.6 are based on the IE engine and 1.6 runs fine on top of IE7. There are no security advantages to using M2 that are meaningful and I can't think of any reason to upgrade until all of the features currently in 1.6 are available in 2.

Easier to use, seems to open quicker, 1.6 will be obsolete soon anyways, and a newer interface. I used the beta releases of version 2 and I would never switch back from them to 1.6. Maybe I am just the type who absolutely has to have the most resent version :-\. I may include 1.6 support in SimpleStart, but IMO it is best to update everything asap.

looking at these programs it seems to me you need to change the question a bit.  I find it unlikely that anyone, except perhaps mouser, actually uses FARR for more than a few seconds at a time, yeah sure its a convenient way to launch a program but wouldn't what's launched be of more interest?  Maybe if you had a few categories, Favourite launcher, file/directory explorer, browser, other utilities, and most used program apart from those categories.  Just a thought.
-Grorgy (August 11, 2007, 06:02 PM)
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I read the initial question more or less as "The 3 applications you like most", i.e. Top 3 as in 3 favourites. FARR is one of them, so...

I probably should have LiteStep in there, btw, although it's a bit different from all the other software.

Except for Farr and Launchbar commander:

1. URL organizer2
2. Clipmate
3. Rapid Deployment


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