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Top 3 programs you use

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Lately it's been:

1. Firefox
2. Windows Explorer (always have at least one open)
3. mIRC

Windows Explorer? Not using an alternative file manager? oh boy oh boy :O

Top three...

1. Total Commander
2. Find And Run Robot
3. WebSite-Watcher

Probably in that order, too.

0. Firefox. Ok, browsers have been banned, but it's really the first application i start, so:

1. VMWare Server
3. Eclipse

The browser and emailers that don't count: Firefox, Thunderbird, and Becky.

1. Powerpro - strange nobody mentioned it yet. It's a freeware swiss army knife sort of program, combining launchbar, clip tracking, note taking, window manipulation, scripting and many other things in one.

2. MS Word (now using ver. 2007). That's what I use to earn my bread.

3. Beyond Compare. Can't live without it. (Directory Opus -- my newest shareware acquisition -- might take over this spot in a few weeks.)


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