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Top 3 programs you use

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Wow, I didn't mean to hijack this "Top 3 programs" thread.  I seem to always do that...
I've never heard of TreeProjects or Jot+ Notes - I checked them out, but they aren't as versatile as TreeDBNotes.  Thanks for the links for those, though!

Here you go:
1. Neovim (or more generally vim): just can't use a computer without it. Always the first program I download on a new machine (then I git-clone my config files)
2. Autohotkey
3. Clipboard H+S

Just a few more which are pretty good contenders for my top-3:
4. Irfanview
5. ProtonVPN
6. git
7. The Bat
8. Crashplan
9. Firefox
10. Brave

There are a few more, but let's stop here for now.

Cheers  /jerome

Reading through recent entries I realise the I use FARR and CH+S constantly. I do so almost without thinking, their usefulness is so ingrained.

Thanks Mouser!  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:

Arizona Hot:
 PhonerLite  (Don't need it. I have MagicJack).


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