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Top 3 programs you use

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Now that I have had this new pc for some months, and reset my wakoopa account so it will reflect only the software I run on here, it's time for a new list.

Excluding browsers, email clients, and anything that loads at startup (including being handled by my own lacuna launcher at startup), these are the top 3:

1. Notepad2
2. Paintshop Pro
3. Delphi

The order has changed, and WLW was replaced by Delphi. I guess that means I am writing more code than words, these days.  :)

1. Outlook (see #3 for one reason why)
2. Quicken
3. InfoSelect (only flaws:poor handling of all things in HTML, and no linking capabilities like DoOrganizer)
Other than that, I love that program.

 :-* If there were a #4, DoOrganizer would be it, (sorry!).  :-*

I voted xplorer2 because I have it set to start up with Windows and it stays open all day.
Of course, file-shuffling is much of the activity of my day, so it's no wonder.

Second is Outlook because much of my work comes in via email and the boss would not like me switching to Firebird.

Everything else gets opened with FARR, so it's a close but definite third.

If only there were an xplorer2 for my Linux box at home, I would be an order of magnitude happier.  :-*
(xfe is close, but not really...)


None of the above:

Free Commander

A bit surprised that no-one mentioned VideoLAN (a media player)


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