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A "Wiki Word" add-in for MS Word?

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* Word add-in for mediawiki.
* Microsoft Wikipedia app (requires Office 2013 or newer).
* Demo of 'Visual Editor', which allows you to create wiki pages.
* Word2MediaWikiPlus, from 2007, so it is an old project,
* MediaWiki 'Save As' option for Word. (CodePlex archive, so I'm not sure how long this will remain available.
Not exactly what you look for, but any of these options will make the creation and maintenance of a (locally and/or cloud-hosted) Wiki more convenient.

Then, there is also 'BlueSpice'. That is an extension/enhancement for MediaWiki. And it supercharges your wiki, including the editor. For the purist, they can still use the standard text editor that comes with MediaWiki, but there is a toggle switch that enables the visual editor, which is an enjoyable WYSIWYG editor. Last time I checked, 'BlueSpice' comes in 2 versions, Community and Enterprise. Community version you can download for free, the Enterprise version has a price tag, more features and (technical) support.

Discovered 'BlueSpice' when it was still version 1.x, which was already a big improvement over the standard functionality in MediaWiki. Upgraded to version 2.x, which was a significant improvement on version 1.x, especially the visual editor. And now there is version 3.x. Haven't tried that one yet, as the box that runs my wiki runs on a older version of Linux, which doesn't support a specific PHP version that 'BlueSpice 3.x' requires.

Use XAMPP or WAMPP to quickly setup a test webserver on your local machine (comes with all the requirements 'BlueSpice' needs to run).

If you already have a lot of documents, you can use a converter like 'PanDoc' to convert existing Word documents to Wiki texts, which you can then easily copy into your wiki instance. PanDoc is open source software and very capable. That means you have to option to use as much or as little parameters as you dare during conversion...and that it is command-line only.

Hi Shades,

Thanks for adding to the discussions. I have skwire, wraith808, and you to thank for introducing me to MarkDown in another thread here. :-)

The Word add-in for mediawiki looks interesting for getting some sort of Wiki features in Word. The other suggestion are interesting too, but most of these are concerned with connecting Word to Wikipedia.


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