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A "Wiki Word" add-in for MS Word?

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Does it exist? Would it be hard to implement?

Managing hyperlinks in word processors can be quite a pain. A system similar to the one wikis use (the famous CamelCased or "[[ ]]" Wiki Words) would probably be convenient. Anybody knows if such a functionality can be implemented (through a plugin or a macro) to MS Word (or other word processors - TextMaker,


TWiki has something that supports a lot of Word imports, also something for Excel. However, the plugin is now obsolete (I believe), because they've integrated it into their standard WYSIWYG editor.

I'm not familiar with "Wiki Word", if that's a product.

a wiki word is a "hook" for links within a wiki.
In a typical wiki if I type ANewPageAboutWikis then the wiki will recognise it as a potential link and either link to this document (should it exist) or create a link to allow people to create the document.
Nowadays most wikis have realised that this is a pain to read for humans so they also support a syntax like [A New Page About Wikis]

Ah, I misread the request then. He wants something for Word.  I knew what a "wiki word" was. :-[

I just just use Ctrl-K. I highlight the phrase I want hyperlinked, and press ctrl-k to pop up the hyperlink editor, and then paste in the link, if needed. If the link is already in the clipboard, it puts it in for you.

I suppose one could make a keyboard macro to do this too.

If it's a macro to scan the word document and generate hyperlinks, that shouldn't be too hard. I have one that converts chinese tone markings (numeric) into tones (letters). It basically scans all text and does the appropriate replace. The same code should be modifyable to do something like this. You can get the macro source from Just look for the word macro...


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