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xplorer², a powerful windows file manager and explorer replacement / alternative

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Well today I tried TC.. I wasn't impressed.. The interface resembles Win 3.1 - some thing historical.
Sure, it has a lot of followers, and is probably very fast and powerful, but still, not my cup of hot chocolate..

I had a quick look at the options/functions/features of TC.. x² seems to cover most of them that I saw

TC looks pretty awful  :o compared to x², but of course never judge a book by its cover.. nor a program by it's interface (in most cases..) ;)

Check the following post to see how x², DOpus and TC compare with a few things:
xplorer² blog: objectively superior file manager?

Well, you can tweak TC to make it prettier, appearantly... but the default is goddamn ugly indeed. It's probably all-powerful etc., but x^2 does all I need and feels a bit more modern.

Ha, ha... I liked the look of TC... Of course, the font used is a bit dated looking, but it didn't bother me. i presume that that can be changed in the options/preferences/settings dialogue.

I like it that TC is very easy to use on keyboard only - i'm sure the others do to, but I have been using TC since, well, 1995 I think. I'm used to it.

Regarding xplorer^2 for thumbdrive, there was a lot of discussion in the zabkat forums, and last time I looked,  the developer had finally (kind of) given in and offered a special build to registered customers that would be able to run on a thumbdrive, for $ 10 extra, IIRC. But it was non-upgradeable and you had to request a new one when a new version of x2 was released. He didn't specify how many of those hand-made upgrades you could get for free.
I was tempted to order one (I bought x2 a while ago when it was on discount here) because XY still does not support dual panes and x2 looks like a great solution for a thumbdrive.
However, I always found x2's find and sync features confusing and couldn't find my way around there very well.

So I use DOpus most of the time (but don't feel the urge to pay the steep upgrade price from 8 to 9).

It's a pity that at the same time a thumbdrive-capaple version of DOpus was released they pulled the Win98 version. I admit, though, that there aren't many Win 98 machines around any more and most of them aren't ready for USB mass storage devices.

Oh, I forgot: My current solution for my thumbdrive is TC.


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